Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is my new furry pal and Winello's little sister and playmate, Perdita. Born in September 12, we adopted her just last month and she's already sleeping on our laps. She was so tiny back then, and still tiny now. But, even she is a very young and small female feline, she managed to take a 9 month male cat's position as the alpha cat of the house. With those adorable round eyes, she always gets away from being busted by sleeping on my own favorite blanket. And nobody would have spoiled meat with this carnivore because she always gets to eat leftover meat and fish.

There was a time that Perdita ran out of her kibble, then we fed her a whole can of sardines. And she did not let Winello finish it alone.

Here are more snapshots of our new family member . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

( A photo from one of Perdita's first nights with us)

(Our sleeping cutie purring so loud)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Happy Fat Cat

Winello is 4 months now and he's really fat and
lazy. I always thought of making him as fat as Garfield, but I never thought that he would do it on his own. Maybe he must have read my mind.
Winello has been eating a lot lately and when it's time for him to be hyper, he really doesn't waste time of following his schedule. Speaking of schedule, Winello had an appointment with his vet 3 days ago. She said that Winello was really calm and patient. I'm really confused about that cat because when he's in the house, ( when there's a visitor or not ) he's himself when it's lazy time, or hyper time. But when he's out of the house, he just becomes so behave. Last time we went out, I thought his nose was broken from trying to memorize the smell of the vehicle and the smell of the Pet Vet Clinic.
( Winello, like a statue during the face-off with a dog)
After the check-up and the pet advises, Winello had an anti- rabies and flu shot and he also got his microchip inside him. When Winello and I were waiting in the lobby, there were more pets that came. I tried to get Winello close to a cat in a
cage, but, I kinda thought that a big kitty doesn't like fat, 4-month old kittens so much. I also noticed that Winello was the only pet on the loose (no lead, or cage, just a bag) in the clinic. Then, we saw this cute dog near the reception table thingies and I tried to get Winello and the dog close. I saw on TV, that some cats are afraid of dogs, but I just never saw a dog get afraid of a cat.

When we got home, Winello just went hyper for a little while and then, he went to sleep.
( Winello while grooming)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Strange Little Dude

Nowadays, Winello is getting bigger and so is his naughtiness level. He's really into biting, scratching, jumping, and eating now. At first, his bite doesn't hurt that much, that's why I let him bite me sometimes when he's biting an itchy part of my skin. But, now, he bites like a baby tiger! Even mama screams when she gets bit and makes Winello scared enough to hide from her sometimes. Winello also accidentally scratches us sometimes but always plans on making our curtain his scratching cloth. But, he's not bad, it's just part of his childhood, that's what mama said.
But the real weird thing is, everyone knows that cats don't like taking baths, but this kitten, loves water, whether when he drinks it, or when water splashes on him. He likes it when the faucet's on at the bathtub, or at the sink, he's not picky. And the funny thing is, in the evening, when you look at him beside you, he's staring at you. And when you look at him again after 5 minutes or 5 seconds, he's sleeping beside you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Away From School, New Responsibility

It's summer vacation again!!! Last summer vacation, I didn't even post a single thing because I forgot I even had a blog. But I think I still won't get to blog much again this year due to having a new.... shall we say.. "BIG RESPONSIBILITY".
At the last day of our school, in the evening, my mom bought a kitten. We named it Winello( the kitten's a boy). The name's a combination of the words winner and hello. For me, it's like saying " Hello Mr.Winner!!". At his first night, I did get a little impatient because he was roaming around the flat(apartment). And I thought that maybe it was doing the 3 ms- memorizing, measuring and not meowing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Limited Freedom

Today, I feel like it's summer vacation again. I was very happy that we have no school today because our whole school is brownout for the day. It's because of something about Japan because there's no electricity there but, tomorrow we have school again. It was too bad that we still have to go to school at the rest of the days.( Not including the weekends of course)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scary Tuna Filling

Earlier, when I was at school, we had a project in HELE ( Home Economics Livelihood Education) of sandwich making. We were divided into four groups and I was assigned to bring the onions for the 3rd group. When we were mixing the filling, it looked liked it was poison. Then when we mixed it more, it looked like baby food. Badly, our classmate who is the food taster of our group, needed so much convincing so that he will taste the food. At first he thought it was baby food with poison ( even if he saw the ingredients and didn't help at mixing) but luckily, he finally tasted it. After he tasted it, we were expecting a "GROSS!" scream or an " ALMOST VOMIT FACE". But, he liked it even if the filling looks really scary. After all of us tasted it, we gave some to our teachers. And it was a good thing they liked it and didn't get scared to eat it.