Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Limited Freedom

Today, I feel like it's summer vacation again. I was very happy that we have no school today because our whole school is brownout for the day. It's because of something about Japan because there's no electricity there but, tomorrow we have school again. It was too bad that we still have to go to school at the rest of the days.( Not including the weekends of course)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scary Tuna Filling

Earlier, when I was at school, we had a project in HELE ( Home Economics Livelihood Education) of sandwich making. We were divided into four groups and I was assigned to bring the onions for the 3rd group. When we were mixing the filling, it looked liked it was poison. Then when we mixed it more, it looked like baby food. Badly, our classmate who is the food taster of our group, needed so much convincing so that he will taste the food. At first he thought it was baby food with poison ( even if he saw the ingredients and didn't help at mixing) but luckily, he finally tasted it. After he tasted it, we were expecting a "GROSS!" scream or an " ALMOST VOMIT FACE". But, he liked it even if the filling looks really scary. After all of us tasted it, we gave some to our teachers. And it was a good thing they liked it and didn't get scared to eat it.