Saturday, July 2, 2011

Strange Little Dude

Nowadays, Winello is getting bigger and so is his naughtiness level. He's really into biting, scratching, jumping, and eating now. At first, his bite doesn't hurt that much, that's why I let him bite me sometimes when he's biting an itchy part of my skin. But, now, he bites like a baby tiger! Even mama screams when she gets bit and makes Winello scared enough to hide from her sometimes. Winello also accidentally scratches us sometimes but always plans on making our curtain his scratching cloth. But, he's not bad, it's just part of his childhood, that's what mama said.
But the real weird thing is, everyone knows that cats don't like taking baths, but this kitten, loves water, whether when he drinks it, or when water splashes on him. He likes it when the faucet's on at the bathtub, or at the sink, he's not picky. And the funny thing is, in the evening, when you look at him beside you, he's staring at you. And when you look at him again after 5 minutes or 5 seconds, he's sleeping beside you.