Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Like my sister-acting friend, I also got braces. While the dentist was putting my braces on, memories of why I hate dentists came flashing back to me. I remember when I was little. I wished to be a dentist but I decided against it because maybe a lot of people might be mentally planning my death while I do whatever dentists do to people's teeth.

The next day after my braces were 'installed', I only had a juice box in school. For the six hours in school, I only had a juice box. I think that was the worst eating day of my life.

The weekend passed by shortly and it was Sunday again. Which means I'll be seeing my classmates eat anything and everything they want and get obese. My braces don't hurt that much anymore. So the pain was like only 20%. I thought that it was going to be a normal eating day again. The keyword there is thought. Choco, was I wrong. Our teacher rearranged our seats and I got seated to my eating rival, KED. KED is really composed of his initials so that no one will know about our eating contests.

During our recess, KED so many food that are hard for me too eat. Including break, turon, and caramel toffee. Not to mention that he was eating his fried chicken leg rather loudly and hungrily. After a while, I was proven that karma was true since he ran out of money from buying too much food from the canteen. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, Y U NO Like Me?!

Everyone has their own day of the week in which they're not themselves. Or they're being themselves too much. Thursday, last week, I embarrassed myself in front of many people. I forgot how, but I just know that I just did. I also remember mentally telling myself to make sure if I was going to embarrass myself again this week, so that I can confirm that Thursday is my unlucky day. I know that things such as those don't exist so I'll just say in other words that Thursday is the day that the only thing I do right is doing my hobby. Which is eating.

Earlier at school today during our recess, just outside our canteen, I saw my best friend who got transferred to another class walking towards her classroom. Being the stupid, crazy girl I am, I tried to run to her and yelled "Zayn!".(Since she's a Directioner and her favorite among the boys is Zayn) As a result, so many guys on the same grade as I am, looked at me like I was a maniac as they walked away. I hope there weren't any teachers that time or else, that would be really, really, really, really awkward. (If it can get more awkward as it is now) Even if I do crazy things like that all the time, it just seems like that when it's Thursday, many people are there to witness it.

Tips for those who have their own bad days of the week:

1. Make sure you wear your lucky underwear.
2. Try to control yourself from being overacting. If you can.
3. Sleep early the night before so you can have a good mood.
4. Have a great meal for breakfast. So that your stomach won't rumble when it's silent.