Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Happy Fat Cat

Winello is 4 months now and he's really fat and
lazy. I always thought of making him as fat as Garfield, but I never thought that he would do it on his own. Maybe he must have read my mind.
Winello has been eating a lot lately and when it's time for him to be hyper, he really doesn't waste time of following his schedule. Speaking of schedule, Winello had an appointment with his vet 3 days ago. She said that Winello was really calm and patient. I'm really confused about that cat because when he's in the house, ( when there's a visitor or not ) he's himself when it's lazy time, or hyper time. But when he's out of the house, he just becomes so behave. Last time we went out, I thought his nose was broken from trying to memorize the smell of the vehicle and the smell of the Pet Vet Clinic.
( Winello, like a statue during the face-off with a dog)
After the check-up and the pet advises, Winello had an anti- rabies and flu shot and he also got his microchip inside him. When Winello and I were waiting in the lobby, there were more pets that came. I tried to get Winello close to a cat in a
cage, but, I kinda thought that a big kitty doesn't like fat, 4-month old kittens so much. I also noticed that Winello was the only pet on the loose (no lead, or cage, just a bag) in the clinic. Then, we saw this cute dog near the reception table thingies and I tried to get Winello and the dog close. I saw on TV, that some cats are afraid of dogs, but I just never saw a dog get afraid of a cat.

When we got home, Winello just went hyper for a little while and then, he went to sleep.
( Winello while grooming)

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