Thursday, September 5, 2013

My plan for life.

Okay, so basically, I'm just blogging right now 'cause I have absolutely nothing to do while my friend (Marsh Mallo) is watching me and complaining about me introducing her as "Mini Marsh Mallo". Well, guess what? I'LL NEVER WRITE THAT HERE! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, wait.

And we just finished making a video which I'll probably never post on any social networking site and I'll just probably forget about it until I graduate (even if I do), grow curves (which will happen in like, 10 years) get a job, finally have a life, and die. But not before I get a German Shepherd or a Dalmatian.

So now, I'm just going to hang out with "Marsh Mallo" (Whom I'll never call "Mini Marsh Mallo" and put on this blog) and then go back to my lazy ways until I finally have the energy to get up and do something productive. Or just until my mom bugs me to get up and take a shower 'cause I stink from being AWESOME!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA no. I'm just lazy.

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