Monday, July 29, 2013


So basically, last week I and my mom were already walking to our building carrying groceries with the car already parked and ready to retire for the day when we came across an Arabian Mau stray cat. I think he was still around maybe 4-5 months old or something and he looked so adorable! When we were in front of him, he meowed and in my mind I was like, "Ermagherd!! He chose me to meow at ME! I am so honored! This is like love at first sight! I feel so loved! A cat knows of my existence!".

But I didn't say anything THAT crazy for real. But I think my mom sensed something since she allowed me to pick him up (yes, he's a boy and no, I did not look at his genitals 'cause I'm not a pervert or anything like that) and take him to our apartment for the night.

It was a good thing that I already take care of two fat and lazy cats so I know how to carry him and not be afraid AND avoid his sharp claws. Yaknow, the whole stray cat and not always taken care of thing means that nobody has ever cut his claws.

When we arrived at our flat, I first took him to the litter box in case he needed to go. Winello and Perdita (my cats) followed us and noticed that there was a new cat and once I let him go on the litter box, they went ahead and sniffed him. Good thing he didn't need to 'go' or else that would be awkward. While I and my mom were watching our cats sniff the 'guest' we agreed on naming him 'Napou' for the night. The name came from the Filipino word "napulot" which means 'picked up'.

Poor Napou was so afraid that he played dead right then and there on the litter box. Perdita was doing nothing but smelling him but Winello made an attempt to attack him. Which I stopped while filming Napou on my phone.

I eventually removed Napou from the litter box and gave him cat food (Royal Canine) on the floor. I guess 7 bits weren't enough for him since he went on and ate more from Perdita's food bowl. Poor Perdita was depressed. She was just watching Napou eat from her bowl and then hid in my bedroom window to sulk.

After Napou was done, he went to the living room and had a staring contest with Winello. My mom was watching and waiting for them to have a fight. They didn't fight but when Napou came closer to Winello, the bigger cat (Winello) backed down. To say my mom was disappointed is an understatement. I don't blame her. It is disappointing to see an eleven pound cat get scared of a 2 pound kitten.

Later that night, my mom decided that Napou should stay outside our flat unless I can somehow fix our cat's cage and lock him there. When I put him outside he didn't want to let go and it took every molecule in my body to stop me from taking him back into our house and into my room to keep him. But my mom told me to let him go and leave him 5 bits of cat food to say "We will miss you, Napou".

My mom let the door slightly opened enough for her to see Napou but not enough for Napou to see her. She waited until someone else from our floor took Napou into their home and hopefully feed him to death 'cause no cat deserves to be hungry.

And that, people who actually read this is the story of how my night with Napou went and gone.

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